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    bienxanhsautham vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đàn Thành viên đang bị kỷ luật
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    Mar 2008
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    Wink Phần mềm tự động tải Mediafire - Auto Mediafire

    Shortname: FESOUP
    Version: Beta
    Changes Log
    Changes in v3.6.0.6 /21012011
    * Fixed: Download();
    * Fixed: Status clarification
    * Fixed: ReLocation();
    Changes in v3.5.1.20 /23112010
    * Fixed: Update checking func;
    * Fixed: GetFolders; - save string to ini file for modifications
    - Removed: Direct to Fetch disabled
    + Added: Link with filesize<1MB now supported again
    * Fixed: Minor modifications
    Changes in v3.5.1.18 /22112010
    * Fixed: MF icon - thanks to Ritwik Rakshit
    - Removed: Maximum parallel downloads at the same time reduced to 2
    - Removed: MF Pro link detection temporarily disabled
    - Removed: Link with filesize <1MB temporarily unsupported
    * Fixed: Download(); - New method
    + Added: Simple error log - log files will be save in Logs folder; file naming convention: [quickkey].txt
    * Fixed: Minor bug fixes
    Changes in v3.4.1.4 /29092010
    + Added: Ability to auto-pause/resume the queue after a period of time
    + Added: Option enabling START auto clicked when application starts
    * Fixed: Interface modifications
    * Fixed: Download(); - modifications
    * Fixed: Auto extract folders in queue
    * Fixed: Minor modifications
    Changes in v3.4.1.2 /17092010
    * Fixed: GetFolder(); - Megaupload
    * Fixed: Download(); - File not available on servers
    * Fixed: Move up/down access violation
    * Fixed: Update button - click to visit homepage
    + Added: FileServe filter
    * Fixed: Saving data when close button clicked
    * Fixed: Minor modifications
    Changes in v3.4.1.1 /05092010
    * Fixed: Download();
    Changes in v3.4.0.1 /18082010
    * Fixed: Language Selection;
    + Added: Support short folders
    + Added: Support direct links
    Changes in v3.3.2.1 /12082010
    * Fixed: GetFolder();
    Changes in v3.3.1.8 /20072010
    * Fixed: Save when exit
    * Fixed: GetFolder();
    Changes in v3.3.1.7 /19072010
    + Added: Option Exit Confirmation;
    * Fixed: Shutdown/Standby()
    + Added: Support new MF links
    Changes in v3.3.1.6 /21062010
    * Fixed: GetLink(); to get folder links as MF's been changed
    * Fixed: Access violation when drag and drop links to bottom of list
    * Fixed: Access violation when check links
    * Fixed: AutoSave()
    * Fixed: DeleteCompleted();
    Changes in v3.3.1.2 /18062010
    !Migrated to Delphi 2010 - first release ^^
    * Fixed: Download function
    * Fixed: Save function
    * Minor changes and bug fixes
    Changes in v3.3.1.1 /05062010
    * Fixed: Download function recoded due to code changes on MF server
    * Fixed: Re-enable Direct to Fetch
    + Added: Filter supported: links
    Changes in v3.3.0.1 /14052010
    * Fixed: Download function recoded due to code changes on MF server
    - Removed: Direct to Fetch disabled
    * Fixed: Minor changes in the way of updating ini file
    Changes in v3.2.0.7 /25042010
    * Removed: Copy all links to clipboard
    * Fixed: Download(); - links with size <1MB
    * Fixed: Download(); - direct links with IP
    * Fixed: Getfolders();
    * Fixed: Download functions optimized
    + Added: Unicode supported
    * Fixed: Filenames differences
    * Fixed: Minor changes & bug fixes in private builds
    Changes in v3.1.0.4 /25032010
    * Fixed: Download function reviewed
    * Fixed: Re-enable proxy
    * Fixed: Re-enable parallel download
    + Added: Support hotfile check
    + Added: Support copy links with format below
    | dbz084.rmvb | 30.91 MB
    | dbz085.rmvb | 33.03 MB
    Changes in v3.1.0.1 /09032010
    * Fixed: Download function reviewed
    * Fixed: Automatic retries maximum increased to 5
    * Fixed: Minor changes
    Changes in v3.0.0.1 /08032010
    * Fixed: Download function totally recoded
    * Fixed: Tool name changed to FESOUP
    - Removed: Limited to download only one link at a time
    * Fixed: Minor changes and bug fixes
    Changes in v2.6.0.1 /01032010
    * Fixed: Download function
    Changes in v2.5.1.6 - Private build
    * Fixed: Interface bug
    * Fixed: Download minor bug
    Changes in v2.5.1.5 /07022010
    + Added: Custom mouse cursor
    + Added: Add link functions recoded, capable of removing duplicates when import ^^
    * Fixed: Getlink function optimized
    + Added: Drag-drop links recoded - now auto scroll while dragging supported
    + Added: Help & FAQ re-added
    Changes in v2.5.1.4 /
    + Added: Set Downloaded added
    * Fixed: Download bug
    + Added: Music enabled
    Changes in v2.5.1.3 /16012010
    * Fixed: "Delete completed" function recoded;
    + Added: Capable of checking special filename for better status set
    + Added: Autodetect password of files within a folder
    + Added: Shortcut key Enter for Get Link button
    * Fixed: Check/fetch functions recoded
    * Fixed: Import form bug
    + Added: Enable auto extract folder links in queue (maximum =4)
    + Added: Skippable links in queue
    + Added: Auto retry after [x] minutes option
    * Fixed: Minor changes and bug fixes
    Changes in v2.5.1.2 /31122009
    + Added: Enable autosave every 5 minutes
    * Fixed: Download function recoded
    * Fixed: Language choice function reviewed
    + Added: Capable of auto stop when downloads complete
    * Fixed: Location bug (LocationRewrite added)
    * Fixed: Settings bug
    - Removed: Proxy function disabled (under implementation)
    * Fixed: Source cleaned
    * Fixed: Memory leak & CPU usage reduced
    * Fixed: Other changes and fixes
    Changes in v2.5.1.1 /20122009
    + Added: MF Pro link detector added (demo)
    + Added: Splash added (when starting application and when saving data)
    * Fixed: Add/Import links function reviewed
    * Fixed: Autoretry reviewed
    + Added: Language button added
    * Fixed: Listview flickering
    * Fixed: Save files to redesigned
    * Fixed: Index out of bound error
    * Fixed: Minor changes and bug fixes
    Changes in v2.5.0.1 /30112009
    + Added: Download function reviewed (multithreading supported)
    * Fixed: IDM sync reviewed
    * Fixed: Open link in browser menuitem implemented
    + Added: Change save location function added
    + Added: Cut function implemented
    + Added: Data save button added
    + Added: Add links from clipboard as html format now supported
    * Fixed: Autoretry reviewed
    * Fixed: Menu redesigned
    * Fixed: Minor changes and bug fixes
    ***Hidden tool status puzzle
    Changes in v2.4.0.5 /18112009
    * Fixed: Download function reviewed
    + Added: MF Url type conversion function added
    + Added: Windows 7 supported
    * Fixed: Minor changes and bug fixes
    Changes in v2.4.0.4 /12112009
    + Added: Auto retry for failed link
    + Added: Delete completed shortcut: Shift+ Added: Del
    + Added: Extract MF folder to links with format of: [code]/filename
    * Fixed: Download Timeout limit increased to 10.000.000 (~165 mins)
    * Fixed: Floating point value bug
    * Fixed: Access violation when deleting completed links or clear list bug
    * Fixed: Proxy function (untested)
    * Fixed: Minor bug fixes
    Changes in v2.4.0.3 /
    + Added: Fetch selected function added
    * Fixed: Maximum parallel downloads increased to 10
    * Fixed: No delete restrictions
    * Fixed: Standby bug fixed
    * Fixed: Check links function reviewed
    + Added: Application position save/restore capability added
    + Added: IDM sync function added
    + Added: Language state now saved
    Changes in v2.4.0.2 /06112009
    + Added: OffTimer added
    * Fixed: Fetch function recoded
    + Added: Stanby after downloads complete option added
    + Added: Support standby mode after downloads complete
    * Fixed: Save files to state bug
    * Fixed: Hotkey Ctrl+ V and Ctrl + I swapped
    * Fixed: Other minor bugs fixed
    Changes in v2.4.0.1 /26102009
    * Fixed: Interface redesigned
    + Added: Added functions:
    + Added: Get direct links for fetching
    + Added: On timer
    + Added: File size calculation when selecting item(s)
    * Fixed: Recoded functions:
    + Added: Check links function (now use multi-threading)
    + Added: Check selected function
    + Added: Download selected function
    + Added: New about box
    + Added: Check if file exists before downloading
    * Fixed: Extract links from folders to queue instead of making new list
    + Added: FLV extension now supported
    Changes in v2.3.1.1 /08102009
    * Fixed: Requirement for shutdown option: 3 links in the list
    + Added: Item move up/down function added
    + Added: Link(s) drag-drop supported
    * Fixed: Update function
    + Added: Explore file location
    + Added: Icons for server types, file types
    * Fixed: Download function improved
    * Fixed: Minor changes
    Changes in v2.3.0.3 /03102009
    * Fixed: Redesigned import form
    + Added: Vietnamese interface
    * Fixed: Improved change password function
    * Fixed: Redesigned interface (removed Date added column, separated status and file name column)
    + Added: Save to sub-folder now supported
    Changes in v2.3.0.2 /15092009
    * Fixed: Fixed download function due to changes from MF
    - Removed: Loading effects
    - Removed: One click clear content on folder extractor input and RS password input. Double click will do instead.
    + Added: Orbit downloader support (testing only)
    + Added: Added downloader check function
    Changes in v2.2.0.6 /10092009
    + Added: Added string decode function
    + Added: Added Delete Completed links
    * Fixed: Ajusted updater
    Changes in v2.2.0.5 /01092009
    + Added: Download timeout adjustable now
    + Added: Spaces in filename processed
    Changes in v2.2.0.4 /29082009
    + Added: Added update check function
    + Added: Added RS links check function
    + Added: Added Version.ini
    * Fixed: Minor changes and fixes
    Changes in v2.2.0.3 /27082009
    + Added: Added remove duplicates
    + Added: Added RS folder extraction
    * Fixed: Connection error fixed
    * Fixed: Minor changes and fixes
    Changes in v2.2.0.2 /22082009
    * Fixed: Recoded check links function
    * Fixed: Redesigned Popup menus
    + Added: Password changing function added
    + Added: Shutdown after complete added
    + Added: Save state availability
    * Fixed: Index out of bound(7) bug fixed
    * Fixed: Minor changes & fixes
    Changes in v2.2.0.1 /16082009
    + Added: Name changed
    * Fixed: Recoded download function - now fully supports MF downloading.
    + Added: Added Reset Selected links
    + Added: Added status bar
    * Fixed: Redesigned the inteface
    + Added: Implemented one instance check
    * Fixed: Minor changes and bug fixes
    Changes in v2.1.0.3 /08082009
    + Added: Settings implemented
    + Added: Add stop function in links check
    + Added: Proxy enabled
    * Fixed: Minor changes and bug fixes
    Changes in v2.1.0.2: /31072009
    + Added: Support MU folder now
    + Added: Added help messagebox
    Changes in v2.0.0.2: /31072009
    + Added: Support link in the form of: http://xxxx/file/xxxxx/filename.ext
    + Added: Support password check
    * Fixed: Minor changes in button clicks
    Changes in v2.0.0.1: /29072009
    + Added: Support dowloading MF links via IDM/Flashget (Flashget not fully supported)
    + Added: Implement IDM/Flashget control
    * Fixed: Redesign Popup menu with additional functions
    + Added: Fully implemented some functions which were unable to be used in v1
    * Fixed: Minor bug fixes and interface changes
    ------Version History---------
    * Fixed: Upgraded to v2
    * Fixed: Upgraded from FilterClipboard
    * Modifications, bug fixes, improvements
    - Removed
    + Added
    - This is a small utility to extract mediafire down load links from a mediafire folder link.
    - Another function of FESOUP is to re-generate mediafire direct link and send to IDM, Flashget
    - FESOUP also supports cliboard link-grab. Currently MFFE can extract links of these belows:
    + Rapidshare Links
    + Megaupload Links
    + Mediafire Links
    + Hotfile Links
    + Uploading Links
    + Links
    - Another function of MFFE is Image link-grab from clipboard.
    Current support image types:
    + BMP
    + JPG|JPEG
    + PNG
    + FLV
    + Support link sort (alpha sort)
    - Work well on Win7
    - Tested on Vista
    - Supposed to work on XP
    FESOUP is portable, no installation needed!
    ----------Hot keys--------------
    - CTRL + ALT + F6: Restore from Tray
    ---------To-do list------------
    -Optimize current functions
    -Implement additional functions/features
    Full Link:

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