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    May 2009
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    Default CHEMIX 3 - Phần Mềm Giúp Bạn Học Tốt Môn Hóa

    CHEMIX is an interactive educational software tool developed by a chemist (and teacher) for students, teachers and chemists for help and assistance in study/work. As a stand-alone product it covers a wide range of topics in the area of chemistry.

    By the property of interactivity CHEMIX will instantaneously respond to inputs. As an educational tool it will at help increasing the frequency of the repeated process - trial and error - the most common way of learning.

    A popular place for using CHEMIX is in the laboratory, where it functions as a standard calculation tool. This is a place where time consuming and often repeated manual calculations with advantage can be replaced by a help-tool in which performs efficient and secure calculations.

    In the classroom CHEMIX is useful for students who after learning to do problems (in which also are included) by hand, can use CHEMIX to help verify their results. It can even be used for correcting erroneous calculations and answers in which often are found in the literature.

    The problems/lessons supplied with this software, are intended and leveled for the first-year university level, many of the lessons are also suitable for high school courses.

    The thorough understanding of the physical and chemical principles involved in a problem is essential in order to apply intelligently the mathematics used in the solution of the problems. Therefore, it is provided to have some basic chemical and physical knowledge before fully taking advantage of CHEMIX learning and censorial capability.

    Thay đổi nội dung bởi na_zjn; 20-12-2010 lúc 17:09.

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