Patrik & Marcus Knudsen - YogicSound Gold And Regeneration Chamber

Patrik & Marcus Knudsen - YogicSound Gold And Regeneration Chamber
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In a Few Minutes Now You May Experience One of the Most Unexpectedly Enjoyable Moments of Your Life - And That's Just the Beginning
YogicSound is a level based audio meditation/relaxation tool that:
Releases feel-good hormones and brain chemicals.
Reduces stress.
Increases mental abilities like focus, memory, problem solving and creativity.
Activates spiritual and personal growth.
Increases your over all well being.
Lets you train to use more and more of your brain.
Enables you to explore deeper and deeper states.
Compares to Top Class Meditation Systems because it:
Uses the same kind of sound technology.
Sounds just as good (or better).
Is at least equally effective.
Is level based (11 levels). Going in to deeper relaxation for each level.
iPod / MP3 player friendly.
Is a world unique system by adding:
Bliss Coded sound technology - The only meditation / relaxation program in the world with this technology. This technology has been tested by thousands of people who have experienced meditative states induced incredibly fast. This is something you just have to try.
How YogicSound will improve your well-being
A lot of people, unfortunately, are anxious, or stressed most of the time. Even while sleeping (this may lead to nightmares). Being in a state of more or less constant stress, will over time lead to serious ill effects on body and mind.
YogicSound slows down your brainwaves by the use of binaural beats, automatically making you feel more relaxed. The deepest levels of YogicSound aims at the delta wave length. If, by practice, you stay aware at that level you will have profound insights and spiritual experiences. However you will begin having these types of experiences probably already in the theta state. Many people have experienced this by practicing meditation for decades. But, not everybody has the discipline to meditate every day for, say 10-20 years. That takes a lot of hard work, and might seem impossible in the hectic world of today. But, here is the good part: YogicSound makes meditation EASY, and extremely effective. All you need to do is listen.
We have used a combination of sounds that blocks out external sound as much as possible.
One step at a time
We recommend that you travel on this path slowly. We recommend listening to each level for at least two months before going to the next. Even if you have one session where you feel you can stay aware/awake completely, this doesn't mean it's time to jump to the next level. The next session you may feel you are not as aware during the session as the last time. You have all the time in the world. Take it easy and make sure you don't rush anything. Just like life - make sure you enjoy it.
How to become happy and successful
Some people seem so happy all the time. Their lives are easy and they seem to have a flow in everything they do. They are creative, smart and multi-talented.
Many people find it unfair because they work so hard to be happy while others are just happy by nature. To many it feels unfair. Why are some so successful in everything they do?
The answer: Because their brain works better than most. They are relaxed, calm and balanced. They therefore think much more clearly and are able to use more of their brain than most people. If you would measure their brainwaves you would see that they have much more of the relaxed brainwaves than "normal" people.
The good news is that anyone can achieve this. By activating more and more of the brain with YogicSound, your true inner potential will start to flower. You will become more relaxed, happy and friendly. You will think more clearly and feel less tired because you will get much less stressed. Your whole life quality will improve.
With this also comes spiritual understanding and wisdom. You will become more aware both in the awake state you are in now, allowing you to make better decisions for yourself, but also in the non wake state (sleep/dreams) which will open up a whole new world.
Take an easy decision
This day may be just another day that will eventually fade away in your memory, OR it can become one of those memorable days you'll never forget. A day when you decided to do something for your self that would start taking your life in to another direction. The diary pages of your future are unwritten...
Find out what YogicSound can do for you already today. Things that get postpones are the most likely to never come back. It's free to try and you have nothing to lose.
- It is absolutely essential to use headphones. You don't need fancy, expensive ones. Ordinary are fine enough.
- Be totally still while listening. This will get easier as you progress. Of course you should be comfortable.
- Do not listen more than once or twice a day. (25 to 50 minutes).
- Do not skip levels. Go level by level and use each level at least 2 months before going to the next. If you go any faster you might not progress successfully.
"The Regeneration Chamber"
An amazing meditation MP3 using a golden ratio based brainwave stimulation pattern.