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Flashsale Mua Sắm Trực Tuyến Giảm Giá

Tường thuật ra mắt Zenfone 5 tại Việt Nam

Cài đặt thảo luận về Windows 10 ở Vn-Zoom
Khuyến Mại FlashSale

Vn-Zoom phiên bản beta

Kích hoạt Windows , Office miễn phí

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Vn-Zoom Việt Nam Phiên bản Beta

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    Aug 2008
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    Default Topic ứng dụng dành cho iPhone

    Snapture 2.1 Premium

    Feature Descriptions:
    Tap anywhere on the screen, or use the volume button to take a picture!
    Click the Snapture logo to set up Snapture as the Home Button Double-Click app.
    Take pictures in 4 color modes: full color, grayscale, sepia and negative.
    Take 3 quick consecutive pictures with one press. Great for action shots.
    Zoom in and out by pinching the screen with your fingers. Allows you to zoom in by up to 3X.
    Take photos in 3 different sizes: Large (1600x1200), Medium (1280x960) and Small (960x720).

    Wordl Fact Book 2008_For_iPhone-iPod Touch

    World Factbook gives you detailed information for more than 250 countries and territories around the world including:

    ... and many more.

    All data is stored locally on your device so you do not need to be connected to the internet.
    New in this version Map image distortions fixed and improved stability of the application.
    Languages English
    Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
    Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update

    Download: (cracked)
    PolarBearFarm ShowTime v1.01b iPhone OSX ed-HSpda

    PBF ShowTime is a native iPhone app that records video, which is strangely enough not available on the iPhone by default.

    The video recorded by ShowTime is recorded in a raw format. This means it can’t be played on your Mac or PC, plus it fills your iPhone’s memory very quickly. Polar Bear Farm, the creators of ShowTime are working on faster capture with 15 frames per second and encoding the video file a standard format, most likely MPEG.

    Lenogo DVD to iPhone Converter 6.5

    Lenogo DVD to iPhone Converter - Lenogo DVD to iPhone Converter is the fastest DVD movie to iPhone video converter software so far in the world. With Lenogo DVD to iPhone Converter, you can convert almost all kinds of DVD to iPhone video (mp4) format. Its conversion speed is far faster than real-time, converting one DVD movie only takes half an hour in some high-end computers. Lenogo DVD Movie to iPhone Video Converter supports single-step conversion of DVD video into iPhone-ready MPEG-4 format while some other soft wares need two steps which wastes unnecessary time.

    iPhone: Ocarina v1.0.1

    I'm not sure if you've ever nurtured an inner hippie, or Zelda, urge to play an Ocarina but iPhone owners can get their musical kicks now thanks to a new app.

    The unsurprisingly named Ocarina app actually turns the iPhone into a full-blown wind instrument since you have to blow to get it working.

    Place your fingers over the four virtual holes on the iPhone screen and then blow gently into the microphone hole to create incredibly realistic ocarina notes.

    Also, the notes, which can be altered with tilting the device, are not pre-generated but created by the software on the fly so it can sound subtly different all of the time.

    Tansee iPhone Transfer

    Tansee iPhone Transfer is a sound of blessing for frustrated Apple’s iTunes users who can’t copy music files from iPhone to pc desktop or laptop since iTunes blocks iPhone-to-computer song transfer.

    When use Tansee iPhone Transfer copy iPhone songs out?
    - Backup songs in iPhone to PC.
    - Copy iPhone songs to new computer or notebook.
    - Computer crashed.
    - Share your iPhone songs with friends.
    - Copy all songs to a new iPhone.
    Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo

    iPhone 1.1.4 Jailbreak and Unlocker IN ONE CLICK .. 2008!

    Install Notes :
    Unpack , install the app
    Connect your iphone to your pc via the cable you got with it .
    Make sure itunes has dectected your iphone..
    Once itunes has dectected your iphone minimize itunes
    Run the program and click do it all
    You will see white numbers scroll down your iphone ( this is normal dont worry)
    wait about 2-3 mins and it should say done on the screen
    Turn on iphone and there you go, you now have a unlocked i phone..

    This also can change your imei number . ( if you have a barred iphone your in luck becouse the imei changer will unbarr you iphone ! )

    Tested and Working !


    Cài tiếng Việt, nâng cấp Android các dòng: Samsung, LG, SKY, HTC, Sony,...
    Jailbreak iPhone, Lumia 800, 900, Windows Phone 7.8, Android cho HD2, N900,...
    Repair boot, Unbrick: HTC, LG, SKY, Samsung, Sony
    Xem tại
    : | Hà Nội: 0976246661 - TPHCM: 0902874363

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