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Đề tài: Papago! Vietnam 8.2.0

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    Thumbs up Papago! Vietnam 8.2.0

    Category: Navigation
    Updated: Sep 06, 2011
    Current Version: 8.2.0
    Size: 371 MB
    Language: English
    Seller: Maction Technologies, Inc.
    © 2011 Maction Technologies, Inc.

    Rated 4+
    Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


    PAPAGO!M8 is Now on your iPhone! The superior navigation software from Maction Technologies can now be installed onto your iPhones!
    With the PAPAGO!M8 you can transform your device into a professional navigation system.

    1.Don't operate the iPhone while driving.
    2.If you want to install Papago into iPod touch, be sure that you have the BT GPS receiver.
    3.Because of the accuracy of AGPS is not reliable enough, so Papago will not use AGPS signal.
    4.If the GPS signal is seperated by the heat reflective shield, the external antenna is needed.
    ================================================== ====================

    •Intelligent Search Function
    •Simple, User Friendly Interface
    •Fast Route Calculation
    •Comprehensive Map Data
    •No need to Connect to Internet (Wi-Fi/3G)
    •Free Map Update

    •Intelligent Search Function
    •Multi Navigation Mode: 2D/3D/Split Screen
    •i-Fly Touch Screen Interface
    •Simulation Inside Tunnels
    •Portrait/Landscape Dual Mode Support
    •Auto Zooming the Map by Speed
    •Day and Night Mode for Display
    •Visual and Sound Alarm for Speed Camera
    •Built-in 3D Building
    •Built-in 3D landmarks
    •Junction Views (coming soon!)

    •The latest Vietmap's map (full Vietnam)


    Why No GPS signal on iPhone?

    1. Please make sure Location Services is switched on. On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Location Services.

    2. Remove the handset restricting if there's any.

    3. Some vehicles have a heat reflective shield embedded in the windscreen, which may prevent your iPhone from locating your current position.

    4. Your iPhone must be outdoors to locate your current position

    Thank! akaoko
    Anh Đã Trở Lại!
    Và Lợi Hại Gấp Hai

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    Qua hay ban oi!



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