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    hackluv's Avatar
    hackluv vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đàn Gà Con
    Tham gia
    Jun 2010
    Cảm ơn
    0/0 bài viết

    Wink mu việt nam ( private )

    web :
    exp : 15x
    drop : 80

    . [Event] Illusion Temple Must Hold CTRL to attack the Other player
    . [Event] Illusion Temple fixed value timer click on NPC
    . [Event] Illusion Temple timer value fixed right-click on Invitation
    . [Event] Illusion Temple fixed right-click on Invitation
    . [Event] add check if Illusion Temple with statue dog register if inventory is full
    . [Event] Illusion Temple timer is going up Not down (Must be a 15 or 20 min countdown)
    . [Event] Illusion Temple statue positioning and direction error
    . [Event] Illusion Temple statue and Its NPCs CAN NOT be Killed
    . [Item] Fixed durability gloves Reduction of Rage Fighters
    . [Event] Kalima entrance level fix for Rage Fighter
    . [Move] Fixed warp level for Fighter Rage
    . [Gate] Fixed entrance level for Fighter Rage
    . [SCFDS] Fixed error in conversion parameter when to calling WZ_CS_ModifyCastleSchedule
    . [Server] Fixed lock function of ItemAddOption.txt by Load380ItemOptionInfo
    . [Monster] 's drop box Hell Maine (Aida Boss)
    . [Event] Allow Auto PvP Event on Halloween
    . [Event] Halloween Custom Event <<<Turn players in to Halloween Mobs (make Others kill them)
    . [Skill] Dark Side Rage Fighters Wind Attribute skill check
    . [Skill] Dragon Slayer Rage Fighters Wind Attribute skill check
    . [Skill] Dragon Rage Fighters Attribute Earth Lore skill check
    . [Skill] Rage Fighters visual Fitness Fix for character panel
    . [Skill] Rage Fighters deffence Success Rate Fix eye for character panel
    . [Skill] Rage Fighters Ice Attribute Chain Drive skill check
    . [Monster] Mobs of Season 4 to Season 6 original dont do the skills, or animation.
    . [Event] Altar players CryWolf Not Be Moved by dog **skills range
    . [Warning] Must Be Here somthing to put the Name [CJewelOfHarmonySystem: LoadScriptOfSmelt]
    . [Warning]! : Proper Missing Sacrefice ViewSkill State Skill
    . [Items] Joh works on weapon, SD and DD on armor doesn't
    . [Event] Illusion Temple Fenrir Added Gold Reward
    . [Resistance] Implement R_WATER (6) skills with resistance to: water element
    . [Resistance] Implement R_WIND (5) skills with resistance to: wind element
    . [Resistance] Implement R_EARTH (4) resistance to skills with: earth element
    . [Resistance] Implement R_FIRE (3) resistance to skills with: fire element
    . [Resistance] Implement R_LIGHTNING (2) resistance to skills with: light element
    . [Event] Illusion Temple event when to finish warp Added to Team Base
    . [Event] Illusion Temple issue Fixed Pedestal
    . [Event] Illusion Temple Statue Added Random Position for
    . [Skill] Added Sacrifice skill Implementation VS Ice Resistance
    . [Resistance] Recoded Implementation resistance for all resistance types
    . [Items] Fixed add mana and add life on gObjCalCharacter for Item Effect
    . [Skill] Mana skill fixed on gObjCalCharacter Swell
    . [Skill] Add Life skill fixed on gObjCalCharacter
    . [BotPet] Not complete, pero dialog added talk of botpets talking to Attract players
    . [Server] Reduced memory usage player structure (BOOL => bool or byte)
    . [Skills] Rewrite Behaviour for all poison attack type skills (ObjUseSkill.cpp)
    . [Event] CryWolf Altar players CAN NOT be Killed by Other Users addon
    . [GMSystem] GM nonexisting cannot drop items (empty constant preventive drop)
    . [Items] Added elite Mana, Health, SD potions usage (14.70) (14.71) (14.133)
    . [ChaosBox] Cleaned and reduced size of chaosmachine structures, less memory Consumption (. H)
    . [MonsterAI] Cleaned and reduced size of MonsterAI structures, less memory Consumption (. H)
    . [Event] Cleaned and reduced size of all event Structures and variables (. H)
    . [EventItemBag] Added Better tracing logs to see how the system Behaves
    . [EventItemBag] Increaser random drop rate value for Better configuration of drop boxes
    . [CastleSiege] Fixed warning in GetNpcData iterator function
    . [Event] Double Goer DURING monster spawn count fix
    . [Event] Imperial Gate Guardian kill for friday fix
    . [Event] Imperial Guardian instant spawn trap (to Increase mob inside count event)
    . [Event] Imperial Guardian trap fix (acting like traps from 100 to 110)
    . [Event] Imperial Guardian DURING fix monster spawn count (if cannot spawn 1 or 2 monsters)
    . [Event] Double Goer entrance gate fix for one of the rooms
    . [Event] Double Goer FIX doesn't drop excellent items
    . [RageFighter] Dark Raven doesn't hit him FIX
    . [JoinServer] Doesn't Allow Banned Account Join FIX

    . [Gens] Some members of the guild are taken several times FIXED
    . [Skills] Elf Buffs do not disappear when I add more than 1 minute FIXED
    . [CastleSiege] Less GSCS Optimized CPU, less RAM,
    . [Reset] Added support RF Resets
    . [BotVipShop] Opens Vip Shop with BotVipShop (CRYSTAL EDITION)
    . [Warehouse] MultiWare FIXED System
    . [Anti-Hack] LuckyCoins, DoubleGoer, Imperial, Alchemist, Kanturu Gate antidupeo protection
    . [Server] Pet FIXED Bug Cheat
    . [Bot] Can Kill NPC Bots FIXED
    . [Gens] No reward delivery FIXED
    . [Gens] Added Rank Control Server Settings
    . [Items] Option added to Harmony items +14 + 15 Added
    . [AntiAFK] Fixed Lorencia power to warp when a given pj (/ trade, etc)
    . [Items] S3 Wings enemy attack power it returns with 5% probabilities Hit You too FIXED

    . [Software] Anti Hack aggregate system.
    . [Software] Decreased CPU and RAM resources used.
    . [Software] Improvements to the server.
    . [Items] can be repaired Mini Wings and Wings RageFighter FIXED
    . [Skills] Flame Strike Slash Sword AKA can paste in area Non-PvP server FIXED
    . [BotPet] Added / botpet relife (to revive your botpet (only used when you botpet dies))
    . [Bot] Added several Fixed1

    . [RageFighter] Upper Beast and Large Blower Ring Added to the arms and removed the character to be created and its evolution
    . [RageFighter] Fixed input to DS
    . [BotTrader] Percentage of luck and skill
    . [BotTrader] Added maximum and minimum trade options
    . [Events] Improved excellent handling on the server drop
    . [Reset] Added reward and VIPMoney PCPoint
    . [BotBuffer] Now works with / trade
    . [VIP] VIP Account Server can change (Added configuration)
    . [Monsters] Fixed RegenTime
    . [RageFighter] Fitness increases stamina skill fix (VitalityToLife)
    . [VIP] has changed from Server VIP (VIP Icon FIX)
    . [Quests] Fixed Quests of Season 6
    . [Quests] Added better control of inventory when the quest is completed and receives the item
    . [RageFighter] Cannot hit FIX RF
    . [Server] Less memory used in different processes
    . [CustomJewels] Reduced memory usage, redesigned the engine for the implementation of jewel
    . [BotTrader] Added BotTrader (As TradeMix but search engines and other features) (MAX 10 BOTS)

    . [BotPet] ON
    . [Player] Changing the position of experience and reset penalty to log in
    . [SwampEvento] Fix in Swamp Logeo server when you change
    . [SwampEvento] Swamp is now a GS-CS server
    . [Skills] FireBurst Change the style of Damage (now Force Related)
    . [Skills] Sword Slash Venom Added Dynamic.
    . [Server] Added Guild Extra Trunks !!!!!!
    . [BotBuffer] Added BotBuffer (BOTS as Phantom Soldier NPC)
    . [Anti-Hack] Improved
    . [Server] Save and load if this Open or Closed Trials
    . [Evolution] evolution Fixed RF
    . [Event] Fixed RF BloodCastle, Kalima, ChaosCastle input levels

    Mong anh em qua tham gia cùng mình ( free 100% - server hoạt động 24/24 )

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    Tham gia
    Jan 2012
    Cảm ơn
    77/65 bài viết


    mịa toàn English hiểu chết liền ak

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    Tham gia
    Sep 2009
    Cảm ơn
    0/0 bài viết


    chắc chọn dòng cuối hihi

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    phuckut31103's Avatar
    phuckut31103 vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đàn Búa Gỗ
    Tham gia
    Jul 2009
    Cảm ơn
    0/0 bài viết


    tớ mong mu của cậu không làm bọn tớ thất vọng ^^



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