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    bestsoft84 vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đàn Thành viên đang bị kỷ luật
    Tham gia
    Feb 2011
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    136/118 bài viết
    VR power

    Default Enfocus PitStop Server 10 Intel (MacOSX)

    Enfocus PitStop Server 10 Intel (MacOSX)

    Enfocus PitStop Server 10 (Intel)
    Mac OS X | 212.62 MB

    Enfocus PitStop Server is the stand-alone application for high volume PDF and PDF/X workflows. It's a snap to set up and streamlines multi-document preflight and auto-correction. PDF files are simply dropped into hot folders and automatically preflighted and auto-corrected using Enfocus PDF Profiles and Certified PDF technology.

    Manual editing tools such as PitStop Pro or PitStop Extreme are amazingly powerful in correcting last-minute problems in PDF files and making them suitable for production.

    PitStop Server takes that same power to an automated level; using a convenient watched folder architecture it allows you to automate inspection and correction of PDF files.

    It's easy to imagine how preflighting can be automated using PitStop Server, but the opportunities are much larger.

    Of course PitStop Server is built on the industry-standard Enfocus preflight engine to check all aspects of your PDF files and detect missing or corrupt fonts, incorrect colors, objects without bleed and much more

    It supports standards such as PDF/X, the Ghent PDF Workgroup specifications and the profiles created by your user association, publisher or printer.

    You can generate a full pre-flight report that lists all problems found in your files; PitStop Server supports the same user-friendly preflight reports than PitStop Pro but also allows generating comprehensive XML reports.
    Command-Line Interface
    When more integration is in order, the CLI (command-line interface) included with PitStop Server makes it a breeze. An easy mode allows instant integration of the preflight and auto-correction capabilities with standard settings, while the advanced mode allows full customization using an XML-driven integration.
    PitStop Server in bigger automated workflows

    PitStop Server fits seamlessly into Enfocus Switch to provide preflighting and auto-correction of PDF files in a bigger automated workflow.

    Automatically download PDF files from FTP servers or receive them through email. Preflight them and notify your customers automatically of problem files. Combine PitStop Server's capabilities with other key publishing tools to create PDF files, do color management and ink optimization, image optimization, proofing, impositioning and more.

    Link Never Die (If links die, I Will reupload at here)
    All Link Download:

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    Nguyễn Hải ™ (15-08-2011)

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    Nguyễn Hải ™'s Avatar
    Nguyễn Hải ™ vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đàn Cống hiến cho [V-Z]
    Tham gia
    Apr 2011
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    12.608/2.502 bài viết
    VR power


    Có link MF không bạn ??
    Tham khảo các hình thức Hidden Content . Hidden Content 2014 cực dễ . Tải Hidden Content Full HD cho máy tính.



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