accidental spy

Rob B Hood-2006

The Myth-2005

New Police Story-2004

The Huadu Chronicles-Blade of the Rose-2004

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Twins Effect I-2003

The Medallion-2003

Shanghai Knights-2003

Around The World In 80 Days-2003

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CD 2 :

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The Tuxedo-2002

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Rush Hour II-2001

Subtitle :

Accidental Spy-2001

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Shanghai Noon-2000

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Rush Hour I-1999

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Mr Nice Guy-1997


Rumble In The Bronx-1994

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The Legend Of The Drunken Master-1994

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Crime Story-1993

City Hunter-1993

Police Story III-1992

Twin Dragons-1991

Operation Condor DvD Rip (Jackie Chan)
Hong Kong-Action Comedy/Adventure Comedy

Island Of Fire-1991

Amour Of God II-1990


Police Story 2-1988

Project A2-1987

Dragons Forever-1987

Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars-1985

Subtitle :

The Protector-1985

Police Story-1985

My Lucky Stars I-1985

Heart Of Dragon-1985

Spiritual Kung Fu 2007 (Cái này ko có hình)

The Accidental Spy (2001) DVD Rip

The Accidental Spy (2001) DVDRip

Spiritual Kung Fu 2007

Heart of Dragon (2007)