Megaman X8 (2011/ENG/PC)


Megaman X8 (2011/ENG/PC)
Year:2011 | PC Game | English | Developer: Nobilis Software | Publisher: Nobilis Software | 1 Gb
Genre: Arcade (Platformer)[/center]

Mega Man - platformer. Not 3D and not even 2.5D, and absolutely two-dimensional, from the same category as Super Mario Bros. with Donkey Kong. Is that the characters are able to clamber up the steep wall. Mega Man has always starts with the entry. They allow players to get used to running, try new ideas (see two paragraphs above), killing a large but very, very frail boss and get to know another assistant chief villain.

Then the action moves to the base, where the good guys decide who would be the bad guys do stuff. The developers have designed a robotic eight representatives of flora and fauna, which, presumably, you can tan in any order. At the end of the scene itself appears the Great and Terrible along with said "friend."
The game begins with a clip where the Orbital Elevators (Orbital Elevator) fails and one of the cars flies off the rails. Of course X immediately sent to the crash site, in order to understand what was happening. Doors "capsules" were opened and out walked slowly out (who do you think?) X's enemy # 1 - Sigma (Sigma), but not alone, but a dozen. As it turned out that the capsule remained reploidy new generation Lumina (Lumine), reploid who heads the project, "Jacob" and the orbital elevator. He explained the situation associated with a dozen Sigma, and why do they need to be copied his body.
In this movie ends and begins the Prologue level - Park in November. (Hoah's Park)

Additional Information: This release contains two discs. It contains scenes of CG-style anime and other things peculiar to exclusively license. Also, the crack is in the first image in the folder Crack.

System requirements:
Intel Pentium IV 1.2 GHz (or equivalent AMD Athlon)
Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce 5200FX 128 MB VRAM (or equivalent Ati Radeon)
1.6 GB of free disk space

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