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    quynhndnc's Avatar
    quynhndnc vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đàn Thành viên đang bị kỷ luật
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    Jun 2008
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    Default [HTTP] Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance (ISO/ENG/RUS/RePack)

    Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance (ISO/ENG/RUS/RePack)

    Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance (Full ISO | ENG | RUS | RePack)
    PC GAME | Genres: Action (Shooter) | ISO: 2.51 GB

    Metal Gear Solid 2 - an example of how to approach the process of creating games. How to write a good story, how to work hard over every detail in the game, given how much time composing music, and so on and so forth ... The game captivates integrity of style and a careful combination of all components. The plot, ambience, corporate identity and stunning spots - these are the main reasons for the popularity of frenzied series. MGS - is a special genre. Interactive movies, in which stealth - Action only adds thrill, but does not play.

    Substance - a special enlarged and revised edition of the acclaimed superhits, which in addition to the full version of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty contains over five hundred additional jobs, five separate story about the new episodes of the adventures of Solid Snake and a lot of additional materials.

    Features of the game Metal Gear Solid 2 - Sons of Liberty
    - MGS is an exciting game with a cinematic storyline, diverse gameplay and stunning graphic design
    - Cinematic screen saver, creating the impression of film show.
    - Huge choice of weapons: pistols, rifles, grenades and explosives, guided missiles, and even swords
    - Musical accompaniment by Harry Gregson-Williams - composer movie Enemy of the State, Armageddon, The Rock
    - High-quality sound and voice characters
    - A number of additional missions, ranging from conventional war and ending with skateboarding

    Features of the publication Substance
    - This special edition is intended both for those who have played Metal Gear Solid 2, and yearns for new experiences, and for those who have not seen this game, because Substanbce includes a full version of Metal Gear Solid 2
    - Substance gives you the opportunity to test himself in the role superdiversanta in more than 500 additional jobs
    - Learn how agents are trained legendary Solid Snake and Raiden: at your service 350 VR-scenes where the hero travels through the virtual level, have developed a computer, performing various tasks
    - 150 alternative jobs - their action takes place at the levels of Sons of Liberty, but the task before you put quite different than in the original game
    - 5 additional tasks under the name Snake Tales, each of which has a detailed framework of the plot
    - Boss Survival mode makes it possible to fight with any of the bosses of the game
    - Casting Theatre mode allows you to arbitrarily change the key characters in the videos in the game. Also, you can open the secret costumes for the characters

    Minimum system requirements:
    - Windows 98/2000/Me/XP
    - 800 Mhz Intel or AMD
    - 128 MB RAM
    - DirectX 8.1bc 32 MB of video memory (NVIDIA GeForce 2 or similar to it)
    - 9 GB of free hard disk space for game
    CAUTION Not guaranteed to run on Windows Vista, on Windows XP 32bit and Seven 32bit is fine.

    Features RePacka
    game completely passable and there are no critical bugs
    built on the latest fan-made Russifier Today
    no compression / no recoded
    installed the latest patch for the optimization for modern cards from Nvidia (for Radeon patch is installed separately, is in the image)
    possibility of further Patching
    start with a shortcut on your desktop
    installation will require 1GB of RAM
    repak from deus_ex

    Link Ugotfile:

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    tranquochoc's Avatar
    tranquochoc vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đàn Rìu Bạc Đôi
    Tham gia
    Sep 2008
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    192/73 bài viết


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