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    duonggiatuong's Avatar
    duonggiatuong vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đàn Rìu Vàng Đôi
    Tham gia
    Dec 2007
    Cảm ơn
    110/87 bài viết

    Default Tăng chất lượng hình ảnh với NVIDIA!

    Phần mềm này làm tăng chất lượng xử lý hình ảnh khi xem film, hình v..v... xem rõ nét hơn ...

    Bringing the High-Definition Home Theater Experience to Your PC
    Today’s consumers demand a high-definition (HD) home theater experience on their PC. They want superb picture clarity, stutter-free playback and multiple display connectivity options. The best way to achieve this is with NVIDIA® PureVideo™ technology.

    Watch DVD movies and videos on your desktop PC, notebook PC, or HDTV without the annoying artifacts and imperfections of traditional PC-based video solutions. NVIDIA PureVideo technology is the combination of a dedicated video processing core and software that delivers ultra-smooth, high-definition H.264, WMV, and MPEG-2 movies with minimal CPU utilization and low power consumption. And the high-precision subpixel processing enables videos to be scaled to any size, so that even small videos look like they were recorded in high-resolution.
    Precise, vivid colors on any display
    Gamma, brightness, saturation, color temperature correction, and LCD sharpening provide lifelike pictures and vivid colors on any display.
    Native HDTV support drives high-definition televisions at resolutions up to 1920x1080p through Component, DVI and HDMI interfaces.


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    lucky0031's Avatar
    lucky0031 vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đàn Rìu Vàng
    Tham gia
    Jun 2008
    Đến từ
    Ha Noi, Vietnam, Vietnam
    Cảm ơn
    283/150 bài viết


    Tưởng cái gì. Dùng mấy Phần mềm cơ bản cho nhanh. Nặng máy
    WOWClub!!!Click image to Join

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    hotwinterntp's Avatar
    hotwinterntp vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đàn Gà Con
    Tham gia
    May 2010
    Cảm ơn
    0/0 bài viết

    Default Rep:

    - This is the trial version of the software and will run for 30 days and enable all audio features To activate the trial version please use the activation information below during the installation process.
    - First and Last Name: NVIDIA Trial
    - Email Address:
    - Last 4 Digits of Credit Card: 2004
    - Activation Key: 7152-9346-DD6E-2CB0-79A3-5F08-AC2



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