InstallAware Studio Admin v9.0 R2 -Tạo giói cài đặt hoàn chỉnh

InstallAware Studio is the only software installation solution for Windows that provides you with the latest features and technology support, with the advantages of true rapid-Windows Installer development productivity.
InstallAware Studio Admin is the premier software installation solution for Windows Installer that provides you with true Windows Installer rapid development productivity.

InstallAware Studio
— Simplify setup projects, build multiple product editions from a single source without complex automation
— Design custom dialogs to gather and submit business intelligence directly within your installer software
— Troubleshoot software installation errors using the visual debugger

Setup Authoring Automation for Windows Installer: InstallAware provides an automation interface to programmatically generate and build complete setup projects. You can emit setup scripts from your own programs and even web pages, and then later build these setups. Author your own setup development front-ends, or toolkits for building custom versions of your software.

Repackaging and Upgrades: For systems administrators facing complex deployment tasks, InstallAware offers a repackaging route that avoids the complexity and hassles innate in setup re-engineering: shelling to Windows Installer! Simply execute any MSI setup and install/re-install/upgrade/remove it. Detect installed products on the system and automatically upgrade older versions of products, all as part of the same unified setup.

Advanced Setup Commands: InstallAware Studio provides the advanced scripting functionality that complex software installations demand. Install services, ODBC drivers, configure DSNs, detect IIS versions and folders, terminate running programs, setup Internet Explorer, the Java virtual machine, and more.

Top 10 Features
— Exclusive! MSI Customization without Complexity — InstallAware setups don't have to install any dependencies or scripting runtimes. Still, you can completely customize your setup even if you're unfamiliar with Windows Installer.
— Exclusive! Best End User Experience — Impress your users while installing with interactive Flash presentations and HTML billboards. Choose from any of the stunning 15 pre-built setup themes.
— Enhanced! Free Unlimited Dual-Mode Web Updates — InstallAware Web Update works out of the box. It looks and feels just like Windows Update — no pesky icons taking up system tray real estate, or independent browser windows that cannot be closed. Now with the ability to run update checks manually on-demand.
— Exclusive! Out-of-the-Box Vista Certification Support — InstallAware always creates MSI packages that are compliant with the latest Vista Certified logo program guidelines, no matter how you author your setup. Let InstallAware worry about certification — while you get the job done.
— Exclusive! Fully Customizable — Nothing is hard-coded in InstallAware! You may customize every aspect of the installation user interface and setup logic, delivering installers tailored to highly specific needs.
— Enhanced! Rich Command Library — InstallAware script contains a very wide selection of setup commands that perform a wide variety of installation tasks and report on the state of the target system at no effort to you.
— Exclusive! Bundle Other Installations — InstallAware contains features that let you run third-party installers as an integral part of your main setup, capturing progress feedback, and letting you customize the third-party installations on-the-fly.
— Multiple Editions — Choose the edition that best suits your needs! If you are on a budget, there is an InstallAware edition that does everything you need at a fraction of the cost of other installers.
— Full Evaluations — Download unrestricted 30-day evaluations for any product edition. Test and build your setups to your satisfaction while still evaluating.
— Enhanced! Single Click Install for .NET 3.5 SP 1, SQL Server 2008 — Install a wide variety of runtimes and third party dependencies, including the .NET Framework 3.5 with Service Pack 1, DirectX, Internet Explorer 7, the Java Virtual Machine, SQL Server Express 2008, Crystal Reports Runtime, and more.

InstallAware là chương trình giúp bạn tạo một gói cài đặt hoàn chỉnh. Trong quá trình tạo bạn sẽ được cung cấp các Script, các tùy chọn bao gồm cơ bản và nâng cao như install/re-install/upgrade/remove hay tự động xác định phiên bản của chương trình đã có trong máy trước đó ...
Tự động hóa tạo ra thiết lập cho cài đặt windowns, InstallAware cung cấp một giao diện để tạo ra và xây dựng thiết lập một dự án đầy đủ. Bạn có thể phát hành thiết lập tập lệnh từ các chương trình của riêng mình và thậm chí cả các trang web, và sau đó xây dựng thiết lập này...Hoặc xây dựng công cụ tuỳ chỉnh cho các phiên bản của phần mềm của bạn. Đóng gói và nâng cấp, Đối với các hệ thống quản trị viên có hướng triển khai nhiệm vụ phức tạp, thì InstallAwarenoffers một lộ trình đóng gói tránh sự phức tạp...


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